Folk Music Singer Song Writer
Zach Huskey

Folk singer / song writer, Zach Huskey has been writing and performing his own music for almost 25 years. After attending Music School in Los Angeles and performing throughout California - he returned home to the desert area in 1993.

After recording / releasing four success alternative / rock music cds with his band DALI'S LLAMA and two incredible experimental blues / rock music cds with his band PRIMORDIAL BLUES, Zach decided in 2000 he was ready for a change.

Zach recorded and released his first solo acoustic, original American Roots music cd - Camping On The Moon. This cd provided listeners the first opportunity to hear Zach's songwriting in it's purist form, the way it is written, just Zach and his guitar. He then followed up Camping On The Moon with another folk cd which proved to have even greater success than his first solo release.

Zach's second solo cd, Catching Rattlesnakes had a sound beyond traditional Folk Americana. A culmination of excellent song writing and creative presentation. These original "folk" songs contained elements of rock, blues and country/western incorporating eclectic non-traditional percussion instruments while achieving a cd that was and is extremely radio and retail friendly.

Zach took a little different approach with his newest cd release, Fannie's Spittoon Race. There's 6 string banjo, mandolin, double bass and of course, acoustic guitar. Recorded completely live, with no over dubs, in one day - what you hear at a live performance is what you get on this cd (but with studio sound quality). Songs vary with Folk, Bluegrass, Dixieland, Old Time Country and Jazz influences. There's twangy nasally vocals, incredible songwriting, fantastic musicianship and even a little scattin'. This cd was fun to make and it is fun to listen too.

As a singer, reviewers have written "...will have you wishing that vocalist Zach Huskey would jump out of the speakers and chew a little on your earlobe..." and "...a country Tom Waits-meets-a-hillbilly-Neil Young..."

His guitar playing has received incredible reviews such as "...blues riffs that can only come from the soul..." and "...Huskey's solo recalls Jerry Garcia at his most creative."

His lyrics are "...unpretentious and likely to bring smiles..." and "...Even more distinctive than the band's sound are Zach Huskey's lyrics, most of which deal with topics rarely addressed in conventional blues."

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