Zach Huskey - Catching Rattlesnakes

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"...a country Tom Waits-meets-a-hillbilly-Neil Young...unique blend of traditional folk/Americana, country/western and hillbilly, with the occasional hint of blues."


Brief Description

"Catching Rattlesnakes" offers a sound beyond traditional Folk/Americana. Zach Huskey's new cd is a culmination of excellent song writing and creative presentation. These "folk" songs contain elements of rock, blues and country/western with eclectic non-traditional percussion instruments.

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Song Titles

Black Bart
Lonesome On The Vine
I Ain't Got The Blues
Tasha's Wooden Ship
Catching Rattlesnakes
Calico Joe
Never Alone
October In The Mountains
Sage and Zane
Dear Edward Abbey
Memphis Boombox

All songs written by Zach Huskey © 1990, 2002 (BMI) - All Rights Reserved.

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Zach Huskey - acoustic & electric guitar, vocals, percussion, etc.
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