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Only Sketches: New and Selected Poems 1989 - 1994
by Zach Huskey

"Only Sketches" is a collection of poems written by Zach Huskey from 1989 - 1994. Zach had written four other books of poetry and prose prior to "Only Sketches". The other books were titled "Ordinary Pig", "Reality", "West of Suburbia" and "The Natives Were Displaced And Slaughtered In The Name Of Chewing Gum". "Only Sketches" contains selected poems from these books as well as new poems.

The book's forward, written by Eleni P. Austin on the 19 of December 1994 appears here:

Let me begin this by flatly stating I am not a big fan of poetry. So when Erica and Zach asked me (well, begged would be a more accurate description) to write the forward to this anthology of Zach's poems, I was a little apprehensive. Poetry is generally too much work. Does it rhyme? Why doesn't it rhyme? What the hell does it mean? It's all just too much pressure for me. But after they assured me I wouldn't be tested on what I read, I agreed to give it a shot.

Happily, I can report that Zach's poetry isn't work at all. It is in turns funny, caustic, strange, cynical, thought-provoking, and sometimes surprisingly tender. I liked it, what other testimonial do you need? So dig in. Dig the new breed. Dig it like an old soul record. And when you get to the end, I promise, no tests.

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