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"Irresistible power-pop melodies form a solid base for vocals that move from soft and contemplative to hard and adventurous... Creative Space will have you wishing that vocalist Zach Huskey would jump out of the speakers and chew a little on your earlobe...something he comes close to doing on the last track... a quirky bluegrass drawlfest."

- Andrea Mulder, GIG

"...it's quality, catchy stuff..."

- Matt Hickey, MAGNET

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Brief Description

DALI'S LLAMA's second cd release, "Creative Space" is full of more aggressive songs ranging in influences of power pop, punk, blues & bluegrass/dixieland. N.O.R. (Notes On Retail), where Zach expresses his feeling on working for years in a bookstore, contains a prime example of DALI'S LLAMA's exploration into improvisational extended solos. Listen and Hermit's Dream, two songs off of "Creative Space" cd were featured in the independent movie release Drums, Bass and Guitar.

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Song Titles

Hermit's Dream
In General
Creative Space
Eventually Better
Old Money
On It
Holiday In June
N.O.R. (Notes on Retail)

All songs written by Zach Huskey © 1991, 1994 (BMI) - All Rights Reserved.

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Band Photo
Zach Huskey - guitars/vocals/recorder/kazoo, Erica Faber - bass/b. vocals/piano,
Johnnie Moreno - drums/percussion
Photo by Sleeper

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